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Vacancy Questions Preview

Vacancy Questions Preview

Grade: 12
* 1.GS-12 - Choose one answer that best describes your experience.
  1. I possess at least one year of specialized experience equivalent to the GS-11 grade level in the Federal service performing work related to the duties of the position described in the vacancy announcement.
  2. I do not meet the requirement as described above.

* 2.During which methods of interaction have you expressed thoughts orally?
  1. Conferences
  2. Meetings
  3. One-on-One discussions
  4. Telephone inquiries
  5. Training
  6. Debates
  7. Negotiations
  8. Conflict resolution
  9. Interviews
  10. None of the above

* 3.Choose the documents you have written.
  1. Briefings
  2. Correspondence
  3. Articles
  4. Summary reports
  5. Meeting minutes or agendas
  6. Policies and procedures
  7. Reference instructions or standard operating procedures
  8. None of the above

Grade: 13
* 1.GS-13 - Choose one answer that best describes your experience.
  1. I possess at least one year of specialized experience equivalent to the GS-12 grade level in the Federal service performing work related to the duties of the position described in the vacancy announcement.
  2. I do not meet the requirement as described above.

* 2.How do you communicate orally to support an organization`s or agency`s goals and leadership?
  1. I verbally communicate organizational strategies, goals, objectives, and priorities in oral presentations to various levels of stakeholders.
  2. I verbally explain or justify decisions, conclusions, findings or recommendations to managers and/or employees.
  3. I represent my agency in meetings with third party individuals or organizations.
  4. I verbally brief managers on agency policy, goals, and objectives.
  5. I verbally defend my organization`s position with third parties performing oversight review of programs.
  6. None of the above.

* 3.Describe your skill in developing and administering policies.
  1. I have written and implemented a comprehensive education and communications program that distributes internal policies and procedures throughout a geographically-dispersed organization.
  2. I have written and implemented management policies, procedures, standards and practices in accordance with Federal statutes.
  3. I have drafted necessary policy changes and modified processes in response to changing Federal policies and management assessments.
  4. I have collected, researched, analyzed, and prepared written policy for which no prototype or previously established method or format exists.
  5. None of the above.

Grade: All Grades
* 1.Identify the interpersonal communications skills you applied at work on a regular and recurring basis.
  1. Facilitate the resolution of competing and conflicting interests among parties whose cooperation is needed in order to meet a program objective.
  2. Interact effectively in situations where frequent changes, delays, or unexpected events, arise that cause major shifts in priorities, timetables, or work assignments.
  3. Provide direction, guidance or instruction to support staff or new professional staff.
  4. Persuade others to adopt new methods, procedures or techniques in order to improve operations.
  5. Defend recommendations on controversial issues to senior management.
  6. Independently plan, host, and conduct meetings.
  7. Diffuse confrontational contacts with people who are difficult, hostile, or distressed.
  8. None of the above.

* 2.Indicate which types of interactions you have experienced in a professional setting.
  1. Briefed management or customers on policy changes.
  2. Defended recommendations on controversial issues.
  3. Acted as technical representative.
  4. Served on panels, committees, or task forces on technical, programmatic, or professional issues.
  5. Regularly consulted by others on technical, programmatic, or professional issues.
  6. None of the above.

* 3.Do you have experience in establishing working relationships with third-party service providers or vendors?
  1. Yes

        BRANCHED: * 1.Please indicate where in your resume this information can be verified (e.g., at which organization were you employed, what was your job title).

       Maximum length of 250 characters.
  2. No

* 4.Select all of the following statements that describe your experience working cooperatively with other team members and contributing to group solutions.
  1. I have demonstrated success in a dynamic team environment that required extensive interpersonal skills, consensus building, negotiation, problem resolutions, and conflict resolution.
  2. I have planned assessment activities, arranged for qualified resources, managed assessment teams, and prepared assessment and reports based on input from team members.
  3. I have incorporated and integrated knowledge, skills, and abilities of others to the maximum effect in accomplishing organizational goals and objectives.
  4. I have worked collaboratively in a team setting with external customers and internal team members to accomplish duties and responsibilities.
  5. None of the above.

* 5.For which conflicting parties have you developed and recommended a resolution?
  1. Conflicts between work units or departments
  2. Conflicts between coworkers or peers
  3. Conflicts between a supervisor and an employee
  4. Conflicts between applicants and your organization
  5. None of the above

* 6.Select the response that describes your highest level of experience working on a federal program team.
  1. I have experience identifying and informing superiors of potential situations that could disrupt achieving goals as well as in meeting program goals and objectives.
  2. I actively participate in meeting program and/or evaluating program goals and objectives.
  3. I am a junior member of a program team receiving direction from senior staff in order to evaluate program goals and objectives.
  4. I do not have experience as described above.

* 7.Select the statement(s) that best describe(s) your experience identifying and analyzing HR problems, making logical decisions, and providing solutions.
  1. Identified and analyzed HR problems; distinguished between relevant and irrelevant information to make rational decisions.
  2. Used qualitative data and analytical tools in problem solving
  3. Developed HR policies, regulations, procedures, and plans for meeting the organization's goals and objectives.
  4. Independently interpreted and applied statutes and regulations to resolve HR problems and issues.
  5. Prepared and presented analytical information to senior management officials within the organization. Analyses are used to explain or justify decision, conclusions, findings and recommendations.
  6. Developed comprehensive material for reports, briefings or meetings of senior management officials on HR issues.
  7. None of the above.

This is a Federal job application system. Providing false information, creating fake IDs, or failing to answer all questions truthfully and completely may be grounds for not hiring, for disbarment from Federal employment, or for dismissal after the applicant begins work. Falsifying a Federal job application, attempting to violate the privacy of others, or attempting to compromise the operation of this system may be punishable by fine or imprisonment (US Code, Title 18, section 1001).