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Vacancy Questions Preview

Vacancy Questions Preview

Grade: All Grades
* 1.Are you a U.S. Citizen
  1. Yes
  2. No

2.Do you have experience in coastal water levels, currents, tidal predictions and tidal datums?
  1. I have extensive experience in these tasks and routinely work independently and/or provide guidance and direction to others in carrying out this work.
  2. I have considerable experience conducting these tasks with guidance and oversight from a supervisor or a more senior scientist.
  3. I have assisted more senior workers in conducting these tasks and have only limited experience in these areas.
  4. I have no relevant experience in this area.

3.What is the highest degree you have received in the physical sciences?
  1. I have a Ph.D. in one of the above.
  2. I have a Master Degree in one of the above.
  3. I have a Bachelor Degree in one of the above.
  4. I have a Bachelor's, Master's or Ph.D. in another area.
  5. I do not have a degree.