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Grade: 15

No specific questions.

Grade: All Grades

1 I have thoroughly reviewed the 'How to Apply/Required Documents' & 'Qualifications' sections of this Vacancy Announcement to determine which supplemental documents to submit. This may include: Transcripts to verify undergraduate/graduate education; SF-50 if I am a current/former Federal employee; DD214 if I am a veteran (and SF-15/VA Letter if applicable), etc. I understand that failure to fax in required documents by the vacancy announcement's closing date may result in loss of consideration. Answer to this question is required
  • Yes
  • No
2 Do you have one year of specialized experience equivalent to at least the GS-14 grade level or the next lowest pay band in the Federal service? (See the "Qualifications" section of this announcement for the definition of specialized experience. Answer to this question is required
  • Yes
  • No
3 Select the following federal statutes, regulations, guidance, policies, initiatives, or precedents you have applied at work. Answer to this question is required
  • The Capital Assets Planning Program (Exhibit 300s)
  • Annual appropriation, authorization, or supplemental acts
  • International Cooperative Administrative Support Services (ICASS) policies and procedures
  • Comptroller General decisions
  • GAO Principles of Federal Appropriations Law
  • Joint Financial Management Improvement Program (JFMIP)
  • Budget Reform and Impoundment Control Act
  • Federal Financial Managers Improvement Act (FFMIA)
  • Office of Management and Budget circulars and regulations
  • Antideficiency Act
  • None of the above
4 Select your experience with the formulation, execution, review, justification and presentation of the budget. Answer to this question is required
  • Directs and develops plans for program budgets.
  • Conducts monthly budget reconciliations.
  • Develops and defends program budgets.
  • Expert in accounting system and methodologies.
  • Develops long-range analysis of the potential effects of budgetary actions on program objectives.
  • Provides guidance and assistance with the preparation of reimbursable agreements.
  • Advises on methods and procedures for understanding, assessing and tracking their expenditures.
  • None of the above.
5 Select the following budget execution functions you have performed. Answer to this question is required
  • Monitoring an organization’s use of funds and providing advice on spending actions.
  • Preparing status of funds (current funding positions and estimates of end-of-year spending) reports.
  • Providing guidance and assistance with reimbursable agreements.
  • Advising on methods and procedures for understanding, assessing, and tracking expenditures.
  • Monitoring foreign exchange rate gains and losses in budget execution.
  • Preparing requests for increases or decreases in funds.
  • Reviewing requests for funds in relation to current expenditures and obligations to ensure compliance with existing laws and regulations.
  • None of the above.
6 Select the financial management techniques you have you applied. Answer to this question is required
  • Internal control procedures
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Application and compliance with policies and guidance
  • Executive summaries
  • Reconciliations
  • Audits
  • Manual disbursements
  • Responding to audit findings
  • Developing and preparing financial reports
  • None of the above
7 Select the type(s) of written products you have authored. Answer to this question is required
  • Correspondence
  • Agency/ organization guidelines
  • Memoranda
  • Reports
  • Briefing papers
  • Speeches
  • Congressional testimony/ responses to congressional inquiries
  • Analysis of proposed legislation, policy, or management initiatives
  • Budget justifications
  • Policy guidance
  • Budget reports
  • None of the above
8 What is your level of experience writing and presenting technical program materials to diverse audiences? Answer to this question is required
  • Researched content for presentations
  • Been the primary author of written materials for presentations
  • Conducted post presentation evaluations
  • Given presentations to professional organizations
  • Been the key note speaker at conferences or professional trade meetings
  • Informally answered program questions at meetings with executive staff
  • Held formal program meetings with senior staff and managers
  • Given presentations to agency staff below the executive level
  • Been the primary program representative for my organization to other local, state, or federal agencies
  • Facilitated virtual or video presentations to regional offices
  • Presented program information to foreign stakeholders
  • None of the above
9 What is your experience with financial tracking systems and monitoring expenditures? Answer to this question is required
  • Utilizing automated databases in a computerized financial management system to prepare data summaries and reports.
  • Gathering budget data using an automated accounting system or relational database in order to prepare reports.
  • Analyzing and preparing financial reports to reflect progress or problem areas.
  • Preparing and presenting recommendations and solutions regarding complex issues based on analysis and evaluation.
  • Developing detailed budget control tables for tracking and monitoring multiple projects across organizations.
  • I have less experience than what is described above.
10 Describe your skill level in the use of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Answer to this question is required
  • I have used MS Excel on a daily basis. I consider myself to be an advanced user of this software application. I regularly use advanced features such as; linking worksheets within a workbook, linking multiple workbooks, using financial functions (the PMT & FV functions, etc.), manipulating text strings (concatenating labels, using the TEXT function, the PROPER, UPPER AND LOWER functions, etc.) , creating pivot tables and charts, etc. and creating macros and/or modules.
  • I regularly use MS Excel. I consider myself an intermediate-level user. I am comfortable using functions such as ; auto filters, sorting data, creating charts and graphs, using absolute cell references, moving/copying data from one worksheet to another, finding and replacing a specific entry in a worksheet, etc.
  • I have used MS Excel from time to time in the past or have had some formal training with Excel. I am comfortable doing the following; creating and modify basic worksheets, performing basic calculations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, autosum, etc), formatting worksheets (page orientation, font size, margins, etc)
  • I have no significant experience or training using MS Excel.
11 Select the administrative functions you have experience executing or coordinating. Answer to this question is required
  • Credit card holder
  • Space management
  • Ordering supplies
  • Budget tracking procurement
  • Personnel
  • Contract development
  • Property management
  • None of the above
12 Select the administrative services have you managed. Answer to this question is required
  • Property inventories and management
  • Space management
  • Commercial vehicle fleet
  • Procurement activities
  • None of the above
13 Do you have experience setting priorities among multiple projects and executing timely decisions in order to meet established deadlines? Answer to this question is required
  • Yes
  • No
14 Select the statement that describes your supervisory and managerial experience. Answer to this question is required
  • I have served as a team lead in an organization.
  • I have served as a first-level supervisor in an organization assigning tasks and responsibilities to team members.
  • I have served as a second-level or higher supervisor/manager with primary responsibility for directing and supervising the work of subordinate employees, reviewing completed work for technical accuracy, setting goals and expectations, advising staff to achieve desired results.
  • None of the above
Applicants may check the status of their application by accessing the Department of Commerce (QuickHire), Applicant Site at