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Vacancy Questions Preview

Vacancy Questions Preview

Grade: All Grades
* 1.Reminder: In addition to this questionnaire, you must also submit all information/documents applicable to you as described in the vacancy announcement under "Required Documents." Please read the vacancy announcement carefully. Also please follow the online instructions carefully for submitting documents and check your account to confirm the documents are received in the online hiring system prior to the closing date. If all the required information is not submitted, you will be found ineligible for this position.
  1. OK

* 2.I am providing, for this vacancy, a copy of my annual performance appraisal that has been signed and dated within the last 18 months and shows my final rating. I understand that I can either upload or fax this document through the system at the end of this process.
  1. Yes
  2. No

        BRANCHED: * 1.Please clearly explain below why you are unable to provide a performance appraisal (i.e., your current employer does not provide them, you have not received one, etc.) Failure to provide a performance appraisal or an explanation why one is not being provided will result in a determination of an incomplete application and ineligibility for consideration for this vacancy.

       Maximum length of 250 characters.

* 3.Are you currently serving or have served in the last five years in a Political Appointment in the Federal Government?
  1. Yes

        BRANCHED: * 1.Please list the title, agency, and dates of this appointment. Please note you will be required to meet OPM Approval of your appointment if selected.

       Maximum length of 250 characters.
  2. No

* 4.Please choose one of the following so that we may determine your eligibility. (Note: You must meet one of the categories as described in the "Who May Be Considered" section of the job announcement or you will be found not eligible.)
  1. I am a current, permanent FNS employee.
  2. I am a USDA employee eligible for CTAP consideration.
  3. I am an FNS employee currently serving on a Veterans' Recruitment Appointment (VRA).
  4. I do not meet any of the above criteria.

Specialized experience includes managing or administering a Federal Nutrition Assistance Program or related multiple-site public assistance program.

* 5.Will you have 52 weeks of specialized experience equivalent to the GS-11 level within 30 days of the closing date of this announcement managing or administering a Federal Nutrition Assistance Program or related multiple-site public assistance program?
  1. Yes

        BRANCHED: * 1.Please list the position(s) in which you obtained all components of Specialized Experience. Your response must be supported by your resume.

       Maximum length of 250 characters.
  2. No

* 6.Choose all of the following Federal Nutrition Assistance Programs with which you have program knowledge and experience:
  1. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
  2. WIC Program
  3. Child and Adult Care Food Program
  4. School Lunch Program
  5. Summer Food Program
  6. None of the Above

* 7.Which of the following duties have you completed in analyzing and evaluating program operations?
  1. I have collected, analyzed, and interpreted data to identify trends in program administration and/or for compliance to policy.
  2. I have evaluated the effectiveness of program operations and policies and developed recommendations for improvement.
  3. I have interpreted and implemented program policies and regulations to ensure client conformance.
  4. I have conducted reviews of organizations for compliance to program policies and guidelines.
  5. I have not completed these duties to analyze and evaluate program operations.

* 8.I have worked with diverse groups to discuss changes in regulations and resolve problems.
  1. Yes
  2. No

* 9.I have reviewed regulations and policies that govern public assistance/social services programs.
  1. Yes
  2. No

* 10.Which of the following responsibilities have you completed when developing written documents?
  1. I have drafted briefings or reports to present ideas and concepts in a clear, precise manner.
  2. I have written reviews of organizational procedures and policies to ensure conformance to regulation.
  3. I have written recommendations for changes to organizational programs that bring the programs into compliance or improve effectiveness or efficiency.
  4. I have not completed these responsibilities when developing written documents.

* 11.Which of the following duties have you completed to orally present information, respond to questions, and provide guidance and assistance?
  1. I have orally provided guidance, assistance, or training to external agencies or organizations.
  2. I have orally resolved conflicts or problems in an organizational setting.
  3. I have communicated findings and recommendations in order to facilitate implementation.
  4. I have not completed these duties to orally present information, respond to questions, and provide guidance and assistance.

* 12.Which of the following duties have you completed to provide ongoing guidance and technical assistance to junior staff or team members?
  1. I have led in special projects, studies, or analyses dealing with issues or problems important to the organization.
  2. I have reviewed the work of other employees for conformance to policy and overall objectives.
  3. I have guided and assisted other employees to accomplish assigned responsibilities.
  4. I have not provided ongoing guidance and technical assistance to junior staff or team members.

* 13.Do you have specialized education, training, or technical knowledge in evaluating complex public assistance programs and/or documents related to public assistance programs?
  1. Yes
  2. No

* 14.How did you learn about this position?
  1. Agency Internet Site recruitment.
  2. Private Employment Web Site.
  3. Other Internet Site.
  4. Poster.
  5. Newspaper.
  6. Magazine.
  7. TV/Radio.
  8. Student association.
  9. Private Employment Office.
  10. State Employment Office.
  11. Federal, state, or local Job Information Center.
  12. Agency Human Resources Department (bulletin board or other announcement).
  13. Agency or other Federal government on campus.
  14. Religious organization.
  15. School or college counselor or other official.
  16. Job Fair.
  17. Friend or relative working for this agency.
  18. State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency.
  19. Professional organization or publication.
  20. Other.

This is a Federal job application system. Providing false information, creating fake IDs, or failing to answer all questions truthfully and completely may be grounds for not hiring, for disbarment from Federal employment, or for dismissal after the applicant begins work. Falsifying a Federal job application, attempting to violate the privacy of others, or attempting to compromise the operation of this system may be punishable by fine or imprisonment (US Code, Title 18, section 1001).